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Make every decision data-driven with crystal, the virtual colleague that advises you through your business data.

The Pharmaceutical company Newchem chose the Augmented Analytics crystal for its business intelligence
AON Insurance company chose the Augmented Analytics software Crystal to leverage their business data into actionable insights
Allianz Insurance company chose the Augmented Analytics software Crystal to leverage their business data into actionable insights
Sapio, Industrial and medical gases company, leverages business data into actionable insights thanks to crystal, augmented analytics software
Prysmian, cables industrial producer for energy and telecom industries, chose augmented cloud analytics to generate actionable insights thanks to crystal, conversational AI
Enel, utilities company, leverages business data supported by Augmented Analytics, just ask to crystal
Janssen, Pharmaceutical company, chose crystal to unlock its business data and get actionable insights. Crystal is your virtual colleague with Conversational AI for business intelligence
BDO,  Audit and Business Services consultancy firm, chose crystal to leverage its business data and get actionable insights.
A2A, italian utilities company, leverages business data thanks to crystal. Your virtual colleague for Augmented Analytics.

Unlock data potential. Now.

Maximize data value


85% enterprise adoption rate

A tool that will be critical to every single member of your team.

50% faster time to insight

Halve the time it takes for your teams to access important insights.

70% users guided to next best action

Smart and contextual data driven advice for each team member.
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Democratize Analytics

Any teams can access key insights independently by just talking — no training or data literacy skills required. Crystal can be tailored to a specific organization’s needs, meaning your teams and crystal can combine to drive actionable insights.

Automate Data Science

Crystal monitors your data 24/7 and can alert you on important changes, ensuring you will get the answers you need, as well as the ones you didn’t know you needed. Available on mobile and desktop, your teams can get immediate insights anywhere without sifting through reports.

Self Service Configuration

Bring your use case to life in days, not months, with crystal’s user-friendly setup. Complete with low-code no-code data source connection and setup, you can make more of your existing BI investments and get immediate business value.

Data's better in plain language

Clients that have adopted data as a second language with Crystal.

iGenius' crystal: Leading the sustainable AI transition

Enel “seamlessly using crystal’s conversational technology to drive business efficiency”.
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Allianz is an iGenius customer

Allianz Italy provides agents with iGenius' crystal

An “always-available coworker able to process vast amounts of data in a very short time”.
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iGenius' crystal & Prysmian: an augmented analytics case study

Helping Prysmian “make quick decisions on sales strategy for clients”.
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BI, efficiency & sustainability: iGenius' crystal and Janssen

Enabling Janssen’s sales force to “transform business data into decisions in a few seconds”.
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NewChem chooses iGenius to boost its operational efficiency

Drive revenue growth and ultimately deliver a data-driven cultural revolution.
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