Combat climate change | iGenius data story at the Gartner Summit 2022

August 25, 2022
3 mins
Microsoft Italia and iGenius bring the Generative AI into the world of numbers

Leveraging official “data for good” from the United Nations SDG, we showcased how countries are behaving in terms of taking urgent actions to combat climate change and what they can do to reduce carbon footprint.

HEREAFTER THE COMPLETE demonstration video:

By using iGenius augmented analytics platform we were able to find relevant correlations and answer questions such as "the trend of greenhouse emissions on gross domestic product" or "which countries have the highest CO2 emissions per value added unit" and how that correlates with indicators such as renewable energy share, adult mortality rates, number of companies publishing sustainability reports by country and foreign direct investments supporting sustainable development.  

Key Findings:

1. By analyzing the greenhouse gas emissions and relating it to the GDP of developed economies, we see that Bulgaria has the worst ratio, while among the top performers we see Sweden and Norway;

2. Such positioning is very much demonstrated and aligned with the renewable energy share on overall consumption (where Sweden and Norway are well positioned) and the adult mortality rate for diseases, where Bulgaria has the overall worst percentage indeed;

3. When it comes to CO2 emissions in absolute value, although the US produce the highest amount within developed economies (reasonably driven by the magnitude of its economy), it covers a virtuous 3rd position for percentage of fossil fuel subsidies per unit of GDP and it also has the lead in terms of foreign direct investments (FDI) for sustainable development, and the highest number of companies publishing sustainability reports – demonstrating to be strongly engaged in reducing the carbon footprint.

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