Empowering Users: crystal’s Self-Service Console

December 18, 2020
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Microsoft Italia and iGenius bring the Generative AI into the world of numbers

Setting up analytics tools can take weeks or months. With crystal, it can take minutes.

crystal makes data accessible and actionable for any business user — that’s not only down to how easy she is to use, but also how easy she is to set up.

Our Self-Service Console empowers admins with the tools necessary to creating the seamless experience crystal was designed for.

In a matter of minutes, data sources can be connected, user permission groups can be linked and insights can be gained. It is the enabler for bringing crystal to a wider audience, giving all the power to the user to set up crystal how they see fit.

Connect your data

One of the largest challenges in data management is how it can often get very hard to integrate and extract insights out of. Data is the essence that a virtual advisor feeds off to deliver timely and relevant insights — ease of access and speed is paramount.

crystal allows you to combine all of your data sources in one place and stream them in real-time, with no upload necessary. This ensures you always get the most up-to-date insights.

Establish your Topics (KPIs)

Once the data is all set and ready to go, crystal needs to know what you will want to talk to her about. Be it current sales in North America or plant production quotas, anything you want to talk about with your advisor will come up as a Topic.

The first step to setting up the Topic is to choose the relevant data that the insights are to be drawn from. Once this is in place, an objective can be set. This can be anything that you want crystal to look at whilst she analyzes that dataset, for example, comparisons between two different branches of a firm. She can also rank them and show a progress overview.

Once the objective has been set and the data is in place for crystal, the last thing to do is choose the visualization that crystal will then use to display the insights that she discovers. Based on the Topic’s objective, crystal will suggest the clearest representation.

Create Entities

What use is a virtual advisor if it can’t understand what you’re saying? We figured not much so we went about working company and industry specific jargon into the Self-Service Console so each individual company can set up a bespoke version of crystal that speaks their language.

Entities are name variations and trigger words that are set up to be used seamlessly with crystal.

Even if they are abbreviations or words only used in your organization. This creates complete flexibility — as she adapts the way users speak, rather than the other way around.

Interested? Speak to her for yourself

The Self-Service Console is only one of the many parts that help crystal reimagine the way you interact with business data.

If you want to access all your data insights in one conversational interface, book a demo.

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