Maybe it’s Because We’re Londoners

December 20, 2021
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As a technology company, we thrive on a fast-paced environment, and we natrally like to innovate. Though we proudly make artificial intelligence “Made in Italy”, we also love our international identity.
Our Milan headquarters is where the fun starts, but our offices in London, California and Switzerland, and our multicultural, international team ultimately make us who we are.

London is embedded in our story

We are a young company, in every sense of the word. iGenius was founded in January 2016, when our CEO, Uljan, began building a team and the technology behind our first product, B2B AI advisor crystal. By the end of 2016, our London office opened.
London was a natural and almost obvious move for us — one that increased our visibility as an international tech company, and opened up new opportunities for us.
In the words of our COO, Gabriel, who heads our London office, as well as international operations at iGenius, “opening an office in London, with its huge pool of talents and infinite resources, was like creating a point of contact with the rest of the world”.
It was. At the beginning of 2017, we were selected by Facebook’s Accelerate program for thriving startups, and named as one of the top eight startups by Google for Entrepreneurs’ investor club.
Google later also chose iGenius as a Google Cloud Platform case study for top use of Machine Learning, cloud technologies and fast data retrieval. Not too bad.
The other obvious move for us as a tech company came a bit later on: we hit Silicon Valley in late 2017, when our California office opened its doors in San Jose. That, however, is a different story.

Smart, innovative, agile

London was a match made in heaven for iGenius from a cultural standpoint. Our work culture is paramount to us, and something we couldn’t be prouder of.
Reflecting on how inspiring London is
Put quite simply, it boils down to one concept: at iGenius, we always put people first.
We believe in nurturing talent, fostering teamwork, enabling professional development, and working flexibly, with an agile mindset. Throw in the smart, innovative, sort of nerdy attitude of a tech company, and the fact that we are fueled by a team from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, and the picture is complete.
Our stellar copywriter and very own Londoner, Alexander, feels right at home in our Milan office. He likes to describe our work culture as an “extension of London’s”.
“After many years working in London, I was pensive about swapping my home — and what’s, for me, the heartbeat of the world — for another European City,” he said.
“But, whether in the Milan, London, Sierre or California office, iGenius channels the cutting-edge, international culture of the Capital beautifully.”

Next stop: there’s no stopping us

We’ve come a long way since the opening of our London office in late 2016, and we aim to go much further. To begin with, we are not a startup anymore.
Our product, crystal, has established her place in the market — yes, crystal is a she, by the way — and iGenius has recently brought in leadership that includes executives who previously worked for such tech giants as Apple, Google, HPE and SAP to hire, train and mentor team members in line with our thinking and high expectations.
Today, we are a scaleup that thinks like an enterprise. Tomorrow, the sky’s the limit. What we know for sure is that we will continue to call London our home.
Our company culture is our pride and joy: find out more about it and check our job opportunities.

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