Version 2.15

We spent most of our time refining and tuning, improving and polishing up the user experience.
Please, find the updates below split by user type.

For Members

Fixed error in forecast messages

We have fixed an issue happening in alert forecast messages: crystal would ask user to to request the forecast at a later time, even though the forecast was actually being processed and ready to be shown.
Updated Italian measurement system
We have improved the way crystal talks in Italian when it comes to numbers. From now on, “billions” in Italian is abbreviated as mrd rather than B, which is correctly read as miliardi by the text-to-speech.

For Admins

crystal now support Azure Synapse Analytics

Good news, this version supports another data source! You can now connect Azure Synapse Analytics to your crystal projects. Check this article for further details on how to connect the data sources.

Self-Service console improvements

In this version we have optimized the performance on the Self-Service console side and solved a UI bug. It is now possible to scroll the list of entity aliases if there are several values in it.