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By analyzing data in real-time, businesses can make better decisions about where to allocate their resources and how to optimize their procurement processes. Just ask crystal.

What is the trend of the costs by spend category in the last three months?
Martha Fleming
Procurement Director

Procurement Director

  • Spend analytics – real time spend data from internal or external data sources.
  • Savings analytics – cost optimization projects and their impact on the financial bottom-line.
  • Forecasting – analyze spend data and its impact on profitability.

Procurement Buyer

Supplier analytics – monitor and compare supplier’s performance, risk and ESG.
Show me a list of our suppliers by performance.
Robert White
Could you provide a list of the expiring contracts with our utilities providers?
Christina Muller
Contracts Manager

Contracts Manager

Contract analytics – monitor supplier contracts and key metrics, including payment terms & expiration dates.

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