About us

A scale-up that delivers like an enterprise, with the heart of a startup

Founded in 2016 by Uljan Sharka, iGenius is an AI Company that creates Artificial Intelligence based products to simplify the relationship between people and data.

‍Recent recognitions:
Conversational Analytics company in the Gartner’s 2021 Market Heat Index.
Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies, as well as listed in Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide

We put people first

Behind the success of the best AI companies are exceptional people. Our talented teams pour their passion into their work, and we recognize and value their efforts. That's why, at iGenius, we put our people first.


Our Values


Talent is a great start, not an end. We create a work environment where talented people can thrive. With offices in Milan, New York, London and Switzerland, the sky’s the limit for us.


You know that special chemistry that comes from being part of a great team? We do. Teamwork, empathy and an agile attitude are part and parcel of our work culture.

Professional development

If you develop, so do we. We put time and budget aside for regular training and access to e-learning platforms.


Flexible work arrangements mean you get to make the most of your day. Because there is life outside work, right?


Our offices

Milan, Italy
New York City, USA
London, UK

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Data made accessible with the power of conversations.

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