Humanizing data and democratizing knowledge

Our goal is to enable anyone to explore company data and ask business questions in natural language. We are committed to making data analysis accessible, secure, and private, supporting businesses in highly regulated sectors.

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Becoming the leading force in AI for businesses

We believe in AI solutions that prioritize people over data, putting technology at the service of humanity. We aim to create a world where data becomes second nature to everyone, fostering a decision-making culture that can finally be inclusive and intuitive.

Our values


Talent is a great start, not an end. We create a work environment where talented people can thrive, whether it's in our office in Milan or New York.


Great teams create great chemistry. Teamwork, empathy and an agile attitude are integral to our work culture.

Professional development

If you grow, so do we. We put time and budget aside for regular training and access to e-learning platforms.


Flexible work policies mean you get to make the most of your day and encourage a healthy work-life balance.