Intesa Sanpaolo chooses iGenius to leverage Generative Business Intelligence & Analytics

September 29, 2023
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Milano, September 29, 2023 - Intesa Sanpaolo, the leading Italian bank and one of the major players in Europe has chosen iGenius to implement its BI solutions.

iGenius facilitates data access through its proprietary language models, built to offer personalized experiences specifically for business needs.

Intesa Sanpaolo will implement iGenius’ generative BI solution “Crystal”, which the Fideuram Private Banking Group has already successfully installed and tested.

Crystal, a GPT model, leverages its conversational AI to provide accurate and actionable insights by analyzing large quantities of data, and coming up with solutions to support business decisions. With Crystal, Intesa Sanpaolo will leverage its business processes, boosting efficiency and overall productivity.

For Marco Ditta, Intesa Sanpaolo Data & Artificial Intelligence Manager, “Artificial Intelligence and data analytics play an increasingly important role in the business landscape as key elements of transformation and simplification. This is why we must always opt for a people-first approach. This way, people’s needs within the organization will always be the priority and technology will be a tool in support of people in the enhancement of their professional skills. A more efficient and effective working environment where people play an active role in designing new processes and solutions and acquire the knowledge needed to use this new technology, actively contributing to a new era of working.”
Uljan Sharka, CEO & Founder of iGenius, commented, “The partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo and iGenius is proof of how the world of work is evolving. Technologies such as generative BI represent one of the most important contributors in driving business success and data-driven decision-making. Both Intesa Sanpaolo and iGenius put people first, ensuring benefits for all stakeholders. Moreover, iGenius and Intesa Sanpaolo are working together to implement products with a specific focus on sustainability, introducing intelligent data processing methods that optimize the use of computational resources with evident environmental effects on data centers.”

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Intesa Sanpaolo has chosen iGenius, the AI company that applies its generative AI to Business Intelligence (BI), to implement its BI solutions.
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