Meet Crystal: Data You Can Speak With

Crystal connects to your existing data sources to enable interactions that feel natural, accessible, and human-first.
Planned vs Actual Costs Overtime
2023 and 2024 Change of Product Sales

We connect business and data teams with conversational AI

Crystal understands what you're asking and generates answers from your data - no training required.

Hey Crystal, can you compare the current year vs last year net cash flow by industry sector?

Take a look at this—here’s a comparison of the current year vs last year net cash flow by industry sector

Comparison of Net Cash Flow by Industry Sector
AI suggests follow-up questions to help guide you to hidden trends and opportunities you may have missed.
Detect Anomalies
Set custom alerts for important KPIs and get notified automatically when unusual values are detected.
Share Data Stories
Visualize all your metrics in one place, and collaborate with colleagues and teams by sharing relevant data with them.

Who Crystal is for



Make strategic decisions faster with data-driven insights
Empower your teams to access the data they need
Optimize resource allocation backed by accurate forecasts

Finance teams

Analyze financial performance across business units
Forecast different growth scenarios to make informed investment decisions
Get notified when important metrics change
Finance Teams

Data Teams

Deploy conversational analytics on top of existing data stores
Eliminate repetitive requests for data and dashboard updates
Train and deploy secure AI models in days, not months
Data Teams

Revenue Ops Teams

Monitor KPIs like production efficiency, quality, and uptime
Detect process deviations and troubleshoot issues proactively
Predict demand swings and optimize inventory and staffing
Revenue Ops Teams
Planned vs Actual Costs Overtime
2023 and 2024 Change of Product Sales
Sales by Industry
Comparison of Product Sales
Planned vs Actual Costs Overtime
2023 and 2024 Change of Product Sales
Sales by Industry
Comparison of Product Sales

Crystal is an entirely new way of working with data, built with everyone in mind.

GPT For Numbers

GPT-N is AI that's purpose-built for analytics.

Custom-trained on your lexicon &

Enable conversational analytics for
existing data sources.

Sales Over Time for United States

Show me a forecast of sales over time in our United States sales data.

Deploy Securely

Data is 100% private with single
tenant architecture.

Training models are never shared.

SOC II, SSO & GDPR out of the box.

Scale Fast

Deploy in days, not months.

100+ native integrations.

Enterprise-ready on day one.

Data For All

Get real-time answers, no matter your technical expertise.

Collaborate on data stories to share with stakeholders.

Stay compliant with SSO permissioning and SOC II

Always On

Get realtime alerts from your existing data infrastructure.

Stay informed on the go with native mobile apps.

Get answers instantly, without waiting for a report.

Breakdown of Revenues by Stream

Show me a breakdown of revenues by stream.

AI Insights

Make predictions informed by historical data.

Get proactive suggestions of what you can ask next.

Detect anomalies hidden in your data that no human could find.

Show me the average inventory turnover time by product category.
What's the average deal value for category Personal Care in the United States?
Compare the distribution costs by product category and region.

Enterprise software with a consumer-like experience

Speak with Your Data

Ask questions in natural language, via text or voice.

Show me the correlation between customer complaints and product age by industry.

Complaints and Product Age by Industry

Multi-sources integration in clicks

Access your data from a single point of access.

Hey Crystal, give me our product sales by country.

Sales by country

Enterprise-Grade Security

SOC II compliance, GDPR and scalability for your data stack.

A Universal Conversational Al Layer

Use your company's words and voice when exploring data.

Product Sales by Country

Trained Only On Your Company Data

Get reliable insights you can always trust.

Can you bring up a list of registered claims in the auto segment?

Sure, you can find the list of registered claims for Auto below:

List of Claims

Connect all your data sources

Adding Crystal to your existing data infrastructure is simple with our native connectors.

Don't Search.

Data made accessible with the power of conversations.

Can you provide me with total production costs over time?

Show me the sales data from Q1 to Q2 for Diana Reuters.

Show me the ranking of agent by sales.

Alert me of any changes in product rankings.