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Use augmented analytics to identify patterns and trends in financial data. Just ask crystal.

Could you break down expenses by cost area in the IT division this month?
John Nolen
Director, Finance


  • Business analytics: figure out which things they need to change to achieve their goals.
  • Shareholder value analytics: figure out how much a company is worth by looking at how much money it makes for shareholders. 
  • Cash-flow analytics: real time analysis on cash-in and cash-out transactions to predict liquidity and company performance.


  • Sales analytics: predict how much a company will sell in the future. This can be done by looking at past sales and trends
  • Client profitability analytics: figure out which clients make money for a company and which ones don't. 
  • Product profitability analytics: figure out how profitable each product is, rather than just looking at the company as a whole.
Compare budget vs actual by product in the UK for the last four months?
Kylie Rossi
Financial Analyst

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