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Which machines in our France plant have more than 20 issues?
Karen kenwright

Maintenance Manager

Keep on-site machinery running efficiently and cut surplus costs by giving crystal to maintenance managers crystal. Bring machine data into one easy-to-use app, monitor activities in real time and forecast machine failures — helping you plan repairs proactively and minimize downtime. With anomaly detection, crystal can track data 24/7 and send alerts as soon as an unexpected event happens.

Production Manager

Optimize production planning and minimize costs by giving crystal to production managers. Centralize all international production data; forecast downtime or delayed orders; compare production cycles; track flows; spot anomalies with alerts. All in real time. Help all managers identify areas of inefficiency and maximize the performance of every production operations.
Can you alert me about any unplanned production delay in the Zaragoza Plant?
Gary Finley
Production Manager
Are there any production ranges with an out-of-stock percentage over 5%?
Megan Cho
Supply chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Track every step of the supply chain and improve operational performance with crystal. Rather than waste time jumping between multiple dashboards to monitor inventory turnover, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction or anything else, managers can get the full picture in one interface and spot inefficiencies instantly. Together with real-time alerts on inventory anomalies and delivery statuses, use crystal to see all the data you need without the wait, and scale supply chains more efficiently.

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