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Let me know if there are any unusual sales trends in Europe
Dolores Smith
Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Make strategic sales decisions proactively and boost results with crystal. By bringing all sales data into one simple and conversational interface, managers can monitor performance in real time and spot weak points or risk areas instantly. Compare results by agent, see revenue forecasts, alerts on anomalous sales trends. And so much more. With crystal, managers will spend less time making smart decisions.

Sales Agent

Make the best decisions with every client and close more deals by giving agents their very own virtual advisor. Identify the best time to contact prospects; rank client spend to optimize upselling; track progress, and be notified when you hit sales targets. They can also track progress to sales targets in real time and be notified when they hit them. Enable agents to prioritize effectively and use data to make revenue-boosting decisions.
Show me a list of client in London with Contracts expiring in the next 2 months.
Albert Falinski
Sales Agent

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