Creating Enterprise Value from Conversational Platforms

November 22, 2021
3 min read
Microsoft Italia and iGenius bring the Generative AI into the world of numbers

A recent Gartner report stated that while only 4% of worldwide enterprises have already deployed conversational interfaces, an ever-increasing amount of 38% are planning to test or already testing a conversational platform within their organization.

The potential to improve data-driven decisions, automate and orchestrate processes and get ahead of the competition is undoubtedly enormous, as long as you integrate the right type of conversational platform within your organization.

Chatbot (the talk) vs Advisor (the walk)

Conversational platforms enable conversational user interfaces, virtual assistants and chatbots to come to life. Unlike ready-made products, platforms have a capability to adapt and evolve both in the short and the long run, based on enterprise needs.

In the past few years a great number of chatbots and virtual assistants have sprung up, all claiming to be using some degree of Artificial Intelligence. Yet the difference in how the first and the latter handle data integrations, conversational intents, natural language and response generation can make or break real enterprise progress.

A chatbot can engage in conversation with a person or group and perform specific interactional tasks, such as sending automatic messages or making reservations. While chatbot technologies are improving, they cannot go beyond performing these automatic duties, let alone offer a valuable interpretation of the data they are provided with.

That’s where a business advisor comes to play, just like an almost-human resource for your enterprise.

“With a solid Artificial Intelligence behind them, virtual business advisors become open systems that instantly gather data from any needed source, automating processes and actions, making smart predictions and providing you with better data-driven decisions.”

What differentiates AI-powered advisors from every other conversational system is that they go beyond giving standard outputs based on standard inputs. That’s because the AI behind them is smart enough to truly understand data and make predictions and suggestions based on it.

So should you join the conversation?

Enterprises are complex, ever-growing ecosystems where people, data and processes may only partly communicate with each other, or not at all. There are multiple reasons why your enterprise can benefit from the conversational revolution taking place today.

Democratize data: a virtual business advisor will make your enterprise data easily available and super understandable by anyone on your organization, non-tech resources included.

Leverage real-time insights: when everyone on each department is fully empowered with a self-service data intelligence tool, they gain access to real-time, automatically updated insights.

Make data-driven decisions: a virtual business advisor sets any enterprise department for immediate action by providing valuable, bias-free information.

Enjoy conversational ease: a Natural Language Processing system eliminates data interpretation problems, since it allows you to gain vocal or written insights just as you would by chatting with a human.

Have a one-stop platform: All cross-department data integrated in a single platform will enable different departments to access insights without barriers. With multichannel on and offline data sources, the Energy field makes a great example — as the iGenius’ award winning crystal for Enel project is showing — but the benefit applies to virtually all other industries, such as sales, marketing, IoT, tech and finance.

When it comes to bringing real, long-term innovation into your enterprise, we believe a virtual business advisor is the answer. With our advisor crystal we aim to be the pioneers of a conversational revolution that will change the market by making data truly available to every enterprise organization member, enabling better, data-driven decision making.

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