Microsoft Italia & iGenius brings Generative AI into the world of Numbers

Microsoft Italia and iGenius bring generative AI into numbers
July 10, 2023
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Microsoft Italia and iGenius announce their partnership to bring generative AI into businesses, putting artificial intelligence at people’s service to empower them to “speak” with business data thanks to Crystal, the AI made in Italy.

The partnership between Microsoft and iGenius aims to support both SMEs and big companies by providing new use cases focused on numbers to “make data human”. With Crystal and the power of the Cloud Microsoft Azure platform, businesses will turn their business data into a second language thanks to conversational AI.

Data analysis today is becoming increasingly important but complex to implement, investments are growing and AI adoption is playing an accelerating role, positively affecting productivity up to USD 4.4 trillion on the global economy (Source McKinsey). Next generation AI will revolutionize work both strategically, by sustaining business growth, and operationally, by promoting new ways of adding value to people’s talents and eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

According to Osservatori del Politecnico di Milano, the Italian AI market is worth over €500 million and registered a growth of 32% in 2022. The Osservatorio also shows that this is just the beginning of the AI adoption process and that only a small part of businesses today is implementing AI.

Also known as GPT for numbers and already employed by some of the most important Fortune 500 companies, Crystal is the generative AI platform developed by iGenius to help professionals and decision makers access and unlock the power of their business data. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere and from any device, it allows you to ask for business data using natural language, just like talking to a colleague.

“Microsoft has always been committed to helping people and organizations achieve more with new technologies. We’re experiencing a truly pivotal moment in time where businesses, big and small, can easily access and employ AI and actually benefit from it. Thanks to the partnership with iGenius, businesses will leverage next generation AI and draw further value from data analysis, boosting business growth.” Matteo Mille, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Microsoft Italia. 

The new GPT-N model was designed to work efficiently and specifically with numerical information. It is trained on the specific business and designed to provide certified answers based on structured business data. Businesses will unlock the potential of this model directly from Microsoft Teams by connecting all information present on Microsoft Data Platform - including Power BI - in an easy and safe way, without interfering with pre-existing data infrastructures.

“We believe artificial intelligence will create equal opportunities for humans, and the partnership with Microsoft not only supports our positive approach to this technology, but pushes us to commit even more to help people and businesses access data in an easy and safe way.” Uljan Sharka, CEO of iGenius.   

Implementing GPT for numbers provides a range of benefits in various fields. For instance, it can be implemented to analyze CRM, financial and operational data to support business decisions based on complex mathematical models and help in forecasting trends related to business performance indicators.


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iGenius is an AI company on a mission to humanize and democratize business data with Crystal, our proprietary GPT for numbers platform. By combining data science, machine learning and conversational AI, Crystal becomes a private AI brain for business data, providing business people with instant, safe and relevant data insights leading to faster and better decision making and business growth. To learn more:

The AI company iGenius has announced that Crystal, the GPT for numbers, is now available on Microsoft Teams and Azure Data Platform.
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