iGenius at the Gartner Event US: shaping the future of business data

iGenius at the Gartner Event US: shaping the future of business data
April 29, 2023
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Being in Orlando at the Gartner Data & Analytics last March was an excellent opportunity for the iGenius team to launch the US business and showcase Crystal, our private GPT for numbers platform.

But there is more.

It was a moment to understand data & analytics trends and sentiment around hot discussion topics like data governance, generative BI, and conversational AI and to listen to thought leaders and industry luminaries.

Here are some insights from the event.

Data & Analytics Trends in 2023 

Top trends in data & analytics and related practices help businesses and organizations embrace changes and convert them into opportunities.

From a technical perspective, Data As A Service, Augmented Analytics, Data Ops and Observability, Data Clean Rooms, Synthetic Data Generation, Data Mesh, ESG Data, and, of course, Artificial Intelligence are just a few topics we discussed over the event.

From a business perspective, the most frequent questions asked at the Gartner event were:

  • How to get real value from D&A to justify the investments?
  • How to get the most from all the AI initiatives around D&A?
  • How do we manage the safety of our data to prevent risks and loss?
  • How to improve efficiency, drive growth and innovation?
  • How can businesses safely and securely leverage AI?

These questions are crucial for businesses, and they all have in common ROI (Return of Investment).

How to get Data & Analytics ROI

According to the McKinsey Global Survey on AI 2022, AI adoption has more than doubled since 2017, showing all the potential AI has for driving change and innovation.

Unfortunately, there is no clarity on how to optimize resources and get real value from those investments (ROI).

In his speech at the Gartner event, Uljan Sharka, Founder and CEO at iGenius, shared the main problems businesses face today with data & analytics and offer iGenius's vision on how to address them with a new approach.

"We have made lots of investments in Business Intelligence and Data & Analytics to create valuable data sets - gold mines for companies - but are still struggling with  integration of systems and user adoption because they are too complex to deal with. How do we solve these problems?"

As Uljan Sharka mentioned, we must make the experience with AI and Data & Analytics safe, simple, and accessible for business users to drive higher adoption, engagement, and performance. 

What ‘GPT for Numbers’ stands for

In a recent VentureBeat article, Crystal - the AI platform developed by iGenius - has been mentioned as 'GPT for numbers.' 

ChatGPT showed us how to use generative AI for text; what if business users could use generative AI for data-related queries in a safe and simple way?

Crystal connects different data sources (Salesforce, SAP, Azure, Oracle, Google Sheets, etc..) in minutes, then certifies and unlocks business data's power in seconds.

Many problems addressed by business users at the Gartner event could be solved by:

  • Democratization of business data - everyone can access and consume business data and get valuable insights, exploiting the 'gold mines' mentioned above. No technical data skills required.
  • Humanization of data experience - consuming data has to be as intuitive and easy as sending a message on our smartphone or placing orders online. People-first, no data. 

All made possible thanks to the potential of generative AI.

The iGenius Team at the Gartner Event in Orlando (US)

 "To factor Data & Analytics trends into investments that drive growth, efficiency, resilience, and innovation, business leaders must ground results first. Providing a human-first experience to access those results resonates with even the most technical business leaders," confirmed the iGenius' sales team in the US.

So, what’s next? The Data & Analytics Gartner Event in London

Next May, the iGenius team will attend the Data & Analytics Gartner Event in London; we look forward to understanding data & analytics trends and related business pain points in the EMEA markets, introducing Crystal to more and more businesses.

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