iGenius appoints Antoine Perchet as VP of Sales France

iGenius appoints Antoine Perchet as VP of Sales France
October 9, 2023
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iGenius is expanding its global reach, and we couldn't be more thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Antoine Perchet. 

As the newly appointed Vice President of Sales for France, Antoine brings a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation that perfectly aligns with iGenius' mission to make data human.

Antoine Perchet is an experienced entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in cutting-edge technology and innovation across the United States and Europe. 

His journey as an entrepreneur began in 1996 when he took a pivotal role at D.I Group, part of the LVMH group in Silicon Valley, California. From there, he transitioned to Acorre Consulting Group, where he advised US vendors on product strategy and development.

Antoine's journey continued as he returned to Europe, taking on key roles at Celartem Software and Keyrus Group. In these positions, he played a significant role in driving international expansion and business development efforts in Spain and Brazil. 

In 2008, he founded Appex, a French-based company specializing in data management and artificial intelligence consulting and integration, eventually acquired by VINCI ENERGIES, a subsidiary of the VINCI Group.

But Antoine's entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop there. 

In the same year, he founded Financiere AP, a SaaS company specializing in the sourcing, financing, and scaling of early-stage French and Pan-European start-ups. Today, he serves as the President of Financiere AP. He actively participates in co-investment strategic sourcing partnerships across the USA, Israel, and Asia, further expanding his extensive global business network.

Now, Antoine Perchet has joined the iGenius team as our Vice President of Sales for France. 

His mission is clear: to introduce iGenius' revolutionary solution, Crystal, to French companies and empower thousands of C-level executives, managers, and employees to harness the power of their business data. Antoine shared his excitement about his new role: "I am really excited about being part of the team at iGenius. I can see lots of potential in bringing iGenius solution to French companies and helping thousands of C-levels, managers, and employees make the most out of their business data."

I am always thinking about the next step. What I like are innovative and disruptive technology solutions.

When asked about his attraction to iGenius, Antoine explained:

"What impressed me about iGenius is its story, the fact they started long ago. iGenius' solution can generate real value for organizations, irrespective of the industries. Crystal, iGenius’ solution for business intelligence, has limitless use cases and is designed for people with the future of the business in mind."

Antoine's passion for innovation and technology aligns perfectly with iGenius' vision for the future. He first discovered iGenius while looking to embrace a new challenge in Europe and met with Stefano Parisse, SVP of Business Development & GM EMEA at iGenius, which captured his attention.

Stefano Parisse, in welcoming Antoine Perchet to the iGenius team, expressed his excitement:

"We are delighted to have Antoine Perchet on board at iGenius to support our continuous growth in foreign markets. He’s bringing extensive international experience and business acumen to the team. We look forward to expanding our presence and increasing our customer base in France thanks to Antoine"

Welcome to the iGenius team, Antoine Perchet, a visionary leader in innovation and technology. We look forward to the impact he will make as we continue our journey to make data human and to guide companies to embrace artificial intelligence to unlock the power of their data.

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