AI can make banking more human, as long as it solves real problems

October 3, 2019
2 mins read
Microsoft Italia and iGenius bring the Generative AI into the world of numbers

Technological innovation and artificial intelligence make users’ lives easier, until they don’t.

Speaking at the Forum Banca event on 1 October 2019, iGenius CEO Uljan Sharka highlighted the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in innovating and modernizing the banking industry, as well as the way it interacts with customers.

“Listening to clients’ needs and giving them access to as many features as possible via their mobile banking app is a key requirement for banks today”, he said.

According to Sharka, businesses are under pressure to adopt the latest technology, and provide employees and customers with innovative solutions that don’t always deliver value.

“A bot or virtual assistant that does not understand queries, or is unable to provide the right answers can be equally frustrating in a customer service scenario and in a B2B context,” he added.

“On the one hand, people are used to having the latest technology in their homes — think of voice-activated virtual assistants and wearables, for example — and they might expect to find similar tools at the workplace. An expectation that is not easy to meet.”

“On the other hand, businesses are under constant pressure to innovate, if anything for fear of being left behind by competitors,” Sharka continued. This pressure can sometimes translate into the development of bolted-on, “vanity” projects that fail to deliver real value to a business, let alone their employees or customers.”

“As a native AI company, we have an opportunity to help businesses reduce the gap between the rush to innovation and the real needs of their employees and customers, with particular regards to big data and business intelligence.

“Innovation and digitalization can no longer be confined to companies’ wishlists for the future. They are business challenges that need to be addressed now.”

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