iGenius nominated among the Top 100 European SaaS Companies

November 12, 2019
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Microsoft Italia and iGenius bring the Generative AI into the world of numbers
iGenius was mentioned as one of Europe’s top 100 SaaS companies, and one of nine top names in data & analytics, by venture capital firm Accel.
The 2019 Euroscape — Accel’s list of top 100 SaaS companies from Europe and Israel — paints a rosy picture for the SaaS sector and is fittingly titled “The Rise of Europe”.
The list highlights how European SaaS companies are now growing at a similar pace to their US counterparts.
“European companies are getting bigger faster, and we believe Europe will generate the first SaaS decacorn in less than three years,” read a blog post by Accel. A decacorn is a company valued at over $10 billion.
Accel surveyed more than 1500 companies to compile the 2019 Euroscape list, which only features those valued between $1 million and $50 million plus Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).
“We are honored to be on Accel’s list,” said Uljan Sharka, Founder and CEO of iGenius.
“This is a clear recognition of the hard work of companies headquartered in the old continent, and one we are thrilled to be on the receiving end of. It’s onwards and upwards for iGenius and we are excited to see what the future holds against the promising backdrop Accel depicted.”

The future of work is augmented

AI adoption is “still very much on the cusp of explosion”, according to Accel, “with more than 50% of companies across sectors at the evaluation stage and less than one third considering AI as a mature practice.”
The venture capital firm expects to see the pace of adoption of AI projects accelerate soon, along with the surge of “a lot more bots in the enterprise in the near future, as AI comes of age”.
As recent academic studies have confirmed, whilst some jobs might be replaced by AI automation — while creating opportunities for new, previously unforeseen professions to arise — the key change brought by widespread adoption of AI projects will be a close collaboration between humans and machines at the workplace.
iGenius’ product, crystal, is the first AI advisor for data intelligence, and acts as a smart colleague who empowers workers to make the best possible decisions based on data they have, but lack the skills, time and tools to analyze. We believe the future of work is augmented.
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