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Human Resources

Maximize quality of your company’s talent acquisition with everyday data-driven decisions. Just ask crystal.

Could you break down our staffing expenses by cost area in the IT division this month?
Cassandra Nolen
Chief HR Officer

Chief HR Officer

Track key recruitment metrics in minutes and act on hiring changes quickly. Rather than waste time on lengthy reports, get immediate access to recruitment financials, performance data, and much more — so you always have answers when you need them. You can also get alerted as soon as budgets are exceeded, new hires are made or when anything else pertinent happens. All to ensure you get the right information to make the right decisions.

HR Manager

Get clarity on team recruitment performance and deliver a hiring strategy with purpose and efficiency. From company vacancy priorities and average time to fill, to recruitment expenses and recruiter conversion rate, HR managers can get fast insights on every element of their recruitment funnel in one simple conversational interface. Such seamless tracking lets managers iron out inefficiencies before it’s too late and ensure team priorities are in sync with company needs.
What's our application to interview conversion rate by job level over this quarter?
Sunil Das
Could you rank the open positions in Marketing by hiring deadline?
Alan Bernard


Accelerate the speed, quality and diversity of your hiring process by putting real-time data at your recruiters’ fingertips. With instant access to candidate rankings & profiles, hiring statuses, online job posting engagement and more, recruiters can act fast on bottlenecks or low performance and drive end-to-end workforce quality. Teams can also set up their own alerts, so they know about important updates immediately and manage hiring requests at scale.

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